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Hey what do you know, another movie from the 90s. Maybe now is a good time to tell you it is my favourite decade…MARC JACOBS, GRUNGE, Hole, Courtney Love throwing Chanel compacts at Madonna at MTV awards, riot grrrl, Soundgarden, Spice Girls, A Tribe Called Quest, Friends, Selena!, Cartoon Network (Dexter’s Lab, Powerpuffs, Johnny Bravo), Goosebumps books, SWEET VALLEY HIGH BOOKS!, Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, Super Nintendo, space-cases, OK ENOUGH!

Writer + Director: Tamara Jenkins

Production Designer: Dena Roth

Art Director: Scott Plauche

Budget: $5 million

79% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes but I thought it was meh. Good elements to have made it a really good Ghost World or something similar but I didn’t find it engaging enough. The sets looked really good though. It’s set in 1976 (though it took me quite a while to realise this,oops) in Los Angeles, California. Most of the interiors seem to have been built in a studio…(click for enlarged images)

At first the family live in a small flat that looks like this from the outside:

A very cheap 1 bedroom flat (yes, that’s a dead cat he’s holding)

They then upgrade to this:

A 3 bedroom w/lift and pool. Notice the great yellow monster munch carpet. The abundant yellow really makes a difference as well as the 70s patterned sofa. Soft, round, no hard edges, few straight lines.

Dining area: (Action props: 70s milk and cereal cartons) Looks lived in without having much stuff.

Dad’s bedroom:

Lucille Bluth’s home: (well, Jessica Walter’s character) Abundant murky tones of green, furry carpets, softer lighting…

Plastic surgeon’s office. This scene is less than 2 minutes long but apparently it was cheaper to build this room than to find it!


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