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…seen a guy dip a TAMPON in KOOL-AID and then SUCK on it?

Well. Now I can say I’ve had the pleasure. RIGHT LARRY CLARK!?

SO, I watched Kids finally. I enjoyed it. It’s amazing how nothing much has changed in the way teens hang out/waste air in the past 20 years. I mean, I’m not 17 and smoking weed at school recess (not anymore) but the way all the characters interacted with each other seemed so realistic.

I’d love it it were actually true guys sniff each other’s hands for pussy. Is that part of bro-mance too? (I’m talking to you Judd Apatow.)

I was going to take stills for the production design but it seems to me it was all on location so basically a lot of set dressing, turning the place run down/dirty/messy (which is always harder than making a place look neat). It all takes place in New York in a couple of apartments belonging to lower-middle class kids (one is taken over and resembles a squat house). Lots of exteriors: central park, new york streets, one private swimming pool…It was the 3rd film as production designer for Kevin Thompson (worked as Art Director just once) who has gone on to work in films such as Duplicity, Michael Clayton and Igby Goes Down (will dedicate a post to this one def!).

Director: Larry Clark

Production Designer: Kevin Thompson

Budget: $1.5 million

“Yo man don’t you know pussy has no face?”



  1. You know I still haven’t seen this? Really want to – and reading this post has made me want to more than anything. Thanks!

  2. Unfortunately, I gave away the 2 best bits in the film but you should def watch it.

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